Version 1.01b Update

The Version 1.01 Update was released and it added a few features to the program. Unfortunately it introduced a bug when importing custom images into the program. This has been fixed with the Version 1.01b Update, which also added in a couple additional features. Version 1.01b also marks the first version available for Linux operating systems.

Version 1.01 Changes

  • New sprites have been added to the program. These sprites no longer need to be imported, they are included in the program.
  • Gender has been changed to Type to allow for the addition of Objects. In the "StreamingAssets" folder you will find a new folder which is labeled "Object Sprites." Dragging images into this folder functions the same as dragging images into the "Male Sprites" and "Female Sprites" folders, only the images will be accessible through this new type.
  • Character Heights can now be typed in manually from the Character Panel. Once you type in the desired height you then press the "Set Character Height" button and the Target Height will be set.
  • A Character List has been introduced to the Scene Settings Panel. Click on a Character's button once to select the Character. Double-click to focus on the Character.
  • Characters can now be moved vertically by unlocking their Y Position from the Character Panel.
  • The maximum Character height has been increased to 9999 feet.
  • The minimum Character height has been reduced to 0.01 feet.
  • The Camera can now zoom out further to better accommodate the maximum Character height.

Version 1.01b Changes

  • Fixed an issue with custom sprites loading incorrectly.
  • Added the option of entering a custom Percentage manually.


Character Height Companion v1.01b (32bit).zip 28 MB
Feb 26, 2018
Character Height Companion v1.01b (64bit).zip 30 MB
Feb 26, 2018
Character Height Companion v1.01b (Linux).zip 46 MB
Feb 26, 2018

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